GoMSP annual conference
Promote your expertise as a major player in the industry and exchange with the French MSP community
The monthly meeting : the gomsp mornings
Every first Tuesday of the month, share your experience around key issues about MSP model and discuss with the community.

GoMSP : physical digital events 100 % dedicated to the French MSP community

These events aim to bring together all the actors in the MSP ecosystem ! It is an opportunity for you to meet and exchange with your colleagues as well as international experts around conferences, testimonies, round tables, workshops, etc.

The key words of these meetings are : SHARING, NETWORKING & CONVIVIALITY !


GoMSP annual

The GoMSP, is the annual event dedicated to French MSPs. It brings together all the actors in the MSP ecosystem for a day of conferences, experience sharing and meetings.

The next edition will take place on 16 November 2021 in Paris. On site you will find the publishers’ stands with workshops, etc.

Monthy meeting
The GoMSP mornings

The GoMSP mornings are the monthly meeting of the French MSP community ! Every first Tuesday of the month, meet international experts and experienced MSPs to discuss key MSP topics.

Each morning sessions lasts 2 hours, you will find a main theme adressed in different formats, conferences, testimonies and round tables.

+ than 250 MSP

are part of the community

2 formats

physical or digital, you have the choice

300 actors

in the MSP ecosystem

20 sponsors

trust GoMSP

Why sponsor the event ?


These new must-attend events allow you to gain visibility on the French market but also to promote your offers to potential partners. You will be able to better understand this growing sector in France by interacting directly with MSPs.

To learn more about the GoMSP events and the ambitions of the concept, see our dedicated brochure here.

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